Delivery Delay Due to Bad Weather

Status Update on Delivery Delays 

As of 6:30pm EST, we are disappointed to announce that we have not received any of our anticipated inventory.

Due to a severe winter storm, all order dispatches are delayed. We will endeavor to dispatch all orders as soon as possible. 

Please note, the arrival of orders already dispatched may also be impacted due to weather related carrier delays. 

We appreciate your understanding and patience. We will you update you again once the fulfillment centre reopens and try our best to offer you help. You are also welcome to contact us at for more information. 

Sorry for the delay and thanks for your understanding.

Our CopperCore Technology

Copper's heat conduction capability is magical.  Conducting 25 times more effectively than stainless steel alone, Anvil's CopperCore provides near perfect heat distribution and retention during heating. During inhalation, which should start immediately after the SNAP, the stored thermal energy is evenly and rapidly released into the convection air stream for a robust, full flavored ESTRATTO (extraction) in just one breath.