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Universal Stem Adapter Kit (available now but in limited quantities)

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The Vestratto Universal Stem Adapter was created to allow Patented CopperCore (US 11,399,574 B2) Technology to interface with industry standard-size Glass and Wood Stems. The USA will allow you to pair the hard-hitting convection technology of the CopperCore with your stunning custom stem collection, combing the vapour you crave with the aesthetics and form factors you love.

All Orders purchased after January 9th, 2023 will contain the 2023 Universal Stem Adapter.

Two additional thermal breaks have been added: 

1. Air slots have been added to prevent heat transfer 

2. Thinning of the structural metal from the 'neck' down to reduce heat transport

These new thermal breaks coupled with the CopperCore slots and the slots/logos on the Herb Chambers, block conduction heat from cooking your herb during heatup. 

The USA Kit comes with 4 items: 

1. The Universal Stem Adapter

2. The Universal Stem Adapter Condenser

3. A Patented CopperCore Oven

4. A Full Bowl Herb Chamber


The USA has been tested for heat transfer - however - not all stems will be able to support the USA as the vapour generated contains a large heat content that must be appropriately cooled or the interfaced stem can get uncomfortably hot. 

Tolerances for sizing vary brand to brand, which can impact the fit of the USA with 3rd party stems