April 10th, 2022

Hi Guys. Its John here.


Shipping and Wait List Update

Last week was our most successful effort to date in terms of chunking through the Waitlist. We sent 207 folks an invitation to move into Anville. Obviously not everyone takes up the invitation but I did want to communicate to you that the Anvil is getting a great reception and we are continuing to step up the pace of manufacturing, driving quality initiatives and building our Customer Satisfaction infrastructure. The amazing story from the Vestratto point of view is that, even after everything we’ve shipped so far, 207 represents just a fraction of the entire remaining waitlist. In order to help get through the list a bit faster we are going to request a bit of help from one of our good friends, Sneaky Pete. If you recall it was Pete’s “two knives” story that convinced me to commercialize the Anvil in the first place. Pete first expressed interest to carry the Anvil in late August 2021 so I think we can all agree that it is high time that he joins the team. While Vestratto is committed to maintaining a direct presence in the marketing of Anvil we hope to bring other solid dealers onboard as time goes by.


#whiteoutchallenge - The completely unashamed and brazen attempt by us to get you to generate totally awesome content that helps build some community spirit and promote the Anvil. Amazingly several folks have sent us great whiteouts on DMs and m.s_bearded_stoner actually knew how to tag his effort like a proper professional. Since I didn’t know how to tag #whiteoutchallenge myself I asked IT and they said type #whiteoutchallenge in the caption.


Anyways - one of the absolute best DM’s I got was from a charmer who said that a “conversation with John” was the LAMEST PRIZE THEY’D EVER HEARD OF! Wow. That hurt. To decide for yourself you can check out Sneaky Pete’s conversation with me at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D-hRbfrbjI .


That said. I generally don’t believe in LAME ASS prizes so 

….. for every person who sent us a DM or tagged #whiteoutchallenge up to 6:00 pm Sunday April 10 2022  EST  they are each going to receive:


  1. a new release XL 0.2 gram herb chamber to take their own #whiteoutchallenge to “ELEVEN”  
  2. a new release XL Mouthpiece with a 2nd stage Flytrap Filter for smoother native hits
  3. a matching Army Green heat shield and Utility tube commemorating Vestratto’s first 420

Lame Ass My Ass.

Some selections from the media recently

Don’t Worry Vape Happy did a review of the Anvil last week. You can check it out at 

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC50GGDPnsblnJMW1y5JabHA. Towards the end of the video a new conduction heavy technique is demonstrated. Just gotta say that the ingenuity shown by folks with their Anvils is welcome and amazing. It’s pushing me hard to keep up and I love it. In a Sunday post in the very near future I am going to announce a small hardware addition that is going to make DWVH’s conduction technique a little more bulletproof.  


Troy from 420Vapezone did a nice livestream unboxing of the Anvil which you can check out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvKxiCw1VZs



On 420 (April 20th, 2022) we are going to release the following new Anvil accessories to improve your Anvil vapour production. New Anvil accessories will be released on a first come first served basis. None of us can take another waitlist. This first drop is limited to 150 pieces of each. As an aside we are not going to be discounting the Anvil for this - or any foreseeable 420. I have maintained the price is fair. It pisses me off to no end to pay full pop for something and then someone else gets it a week later on sale for a big discount. I do not intend to do that to Vestratto customers.


0.2 gram bowl

The 0.15 (loose pack ) / 0.22 (tight pack ) gram herb chamber. Folks have expressed the desire for a bit more OOMPH from their Anvil and OOMPH is a lot of what Anvil is about. In order to fit that additional herb into the chamber the screen has been removed and a new lateral access screen is cut by laser directly into the wall of the chamber. You guys know that I personally bias to a lighter pack so I packed a coarse grind of some lovely home grown. I think with a finer grind I can definitely jam a bit more in but I didn’t want to go too far or airflow is going to suffer. As it is this chamber is going to require the airflow valve to be set wide open.

 XL Mouthpiece

The XL Mouthpiece with internal 2nd stage Flytrap filter for smoother native hits. In addition to a second cooling and filtration stage the extended mouthpiece provides a bit more balanced feel for those hitting their Anvil natively. It looks bad ass and it feels the same. For those who expressed interested in 3D printing their own designs the curve is an arc segment 10.5 inch radius.




Last week I committed to producing proper instructions for the use and care of your Anvil. 

Amazingly we went over 500 units into the field before this became a really sticky issue. I believe that is a testament to the strong knowledge of early adopters in the community. I honestly had made a pretty decent set of info-graphics for the Founders Edition but in the scramble to design, build and replace everyone to the Users Edition the “how to” documentation took a back burner. Rest assured now that the images have all been rebuilt from the new CAD data proper docs are on the way. This information will be linked and updated in the FAQs section of the Vestratto website. This week we will tackle both airflow and Estratto control.



A serious thank you to Lorne and Kevin for some awesome “props” to help us get the 0.2 gram bowl ready. When work really isn’t work at all :)