April 17th, 2022

Hi Guys. It’s John here.


We’ve got some nice new editions to the ecosystem this week. I’m really pleased that two of the innovations we are introducing impact vapour quality directly. I think if we stay focused on vapour quality the other things just seem to fall in place.




We are planning to close the waitlist to new names at the end of this week. We will have a few more waitlist sales drops and then we will migrate to selling with an open release schedule in May. Our first dealers will also be receiving inventory in the next few weeks and you will be able to look to other sources for your Anvil needs. As we finalize arrangements with folks we will let you know here. For all of you who have had your names come up and you’ve purchased we appreciate your support of the Anvil. We look forward to providing everyone in Anville even more and cooler products in the future. 



When we first started making and testing Anvils our focus was definitely on hitting her natively. Then as time went by and we looked to commercialize we built in the heat shield and integrated the 14mm water piece adaptor. But as everyone here knows, there is no one best way to hit an Anvil. The versatility folks are showing is awesome. One goto technique for many has been adjusting a little tighter airflow resulting in a chilled out series of smaller, native, hits. Because I love to lean into a great idea the XL Mouthpiece was conceived to enhance the native experience. Launching on Wednesday the XL MP gives you a little more length, an additional flytrap spiral filter, better hand balance and a nice heft that makes you feel like your hoisting a solid cigar or massive blunt. Some folks commented that they liked the mouthpiece shape. Gotta be honest I’m a pretty pragmatic designer so the design is a simple 8.25 degree arc section from a 10 inch radius circle.  Spun around a central axis the central axis offset was chosen so the overall length resulted in an Anvil that central point balances on a finger.



Folks expressed interest in both green and the the gold shield that we made for our Ukranian Humanitarian relief fundraiser. We have received a solid block of inventory of both and will be putting them up for sale starting on 420.


The 0.2 gram bowl is in the final stages of production having gone to laser welding last week. We are currently significantly happier with our welding technique and overall aesthetic. The welds are now being blended with a light buffing using synthetic steel wool. The satin finish looks pretty good and we aren’t risking any damage to the unit.


The 0.2 gram bowl has lateral access vents cut with the Vestratto name. The screen has been replaced with this new lateral access vent to provide the additional herb volume.




I know that the Anvil gets compared and contrasted to a lot of other vaporizers on the forums and such. As recently as last Friday night by Troy and Jerry. Check it out for another point of view if you want a counterpoint to my obvious pro-Anvil bias. Personally I think its cool and I’m even a little flattered that after just four months in the market Anvil has gotten this much attention and ruffled so many feathers. Obviously we are learning fast and I’m pretty certain the next four months are going to be awesome.



WHIFF took it upon himself to post a great photo of his personal Anvil brightly polished on Instagram today. I was thrilled because we get a few calls a week on exactly this issue. I’m going to simply quote Whiff here if thats ok.


“I use a heavy duty Scotch Brite pad and/or a mix of salt/flour and a bit of vinegar to make a paste. Also there is some stuff called Bar Keeper’s Friend.”

At the end of the day if you want your Anvil to look brand new again its just a bit of elbow grease.