April 24th, 2022

Hi Guys - it’s John here.

420 - 2022

WOW! What can I say except THANK YOU. What a great reception for Anvil’s first ever 420 Party. I’m not bragging here (but I kinda am) we had over 120 orders through the store in the just the first 20 minutes. That may not be a lot to some of those other large Thermal Extraction Conglomerates, but it was a big day for us here at Vestratto.  We have you guys to thank for it. As such I am going to have to apologize in advance and tell you we are going to be playing catch-up for a couple more days. Every one here has stayed at work all weekend to continue processing the significant volume and believe me we understand you want your new gear fast. As a result of the great reception Anvil is getting we are going to continue building up our infrastructure to try and serve you better. In the coming weeks we are building additional inventories, improving our racking, shelving and assembly tables, and streamlining some of our internal systems at the same time.


The one downside of our unprecedented first 420 is that we are going to have to postpone Tuesday’s Waitlist drop and combine it with Friday’s. I really appreciate your understanding.



Global supply chains are tight and delays are impacting everybody. We have been bulk purchasing our core components in advance for some time now. I really had my fingers crossed that folks would like the Anvil and decided to bring in enough basic parts to make a ramp up possible. In an effort to make sure you have the tools you need to maintain your Anvil in peak condition we want to pass some of those bulk purchase savings on to you for your maintenance kits.


Currently the Anvil o-ring maintenance kit costs $8 for

3 each 5 X 1mm Viton

4 each 8 X 1mm Viton

2 each 6 x 1 mm Viton

1 each 12 X 1 mm Buna Nitrile


As of Wednesday we are going to start selling an o-ring Super Pack that increases the number of o-rings exposed to high temperatures and resin. The Anvil o-ring SuperPack will cost $12 for

9 each 5 X 1mm Viton

8 each 8 X 1mm Viton

4 each 6 x 1 mm Viton

2 each 12 X 1 mm Buna Nitrile


Passing these small savings on to you is entirely selfish because I honestly believe your Anvil annihilating bowls is Vestratto’s best advertisement!


Pro-ring tips!

Before reading any further steel yourself to see the worst manicured nails I have had in the past 20 years. Working in the factory punching out Anvil’s is toughing me up :) 

To get the o-rings off (left) pinch them between your thumb and fore finger to squeeze them out of the groove. If you are like me and have trouble grabbing the little o-ring loop use something smooth like my turkey skewer to slip under and help you wriggle it off. Be careful not to overstretch or cut the o-ring. 


When re-installiing the viton o-rings can be stiff. Please be certain to really roll them hard between your thumb and forefinger to seat them down into the groove. Its also a great idea if you haven’t cleaned your Anvil for a while to let it soak in ISO overnight in the utility tube BEFORE disassembly. The resin can literally “weld” the top o-ring onto the condenser if there is a solid buildup. Don’t forget when assembling the Anvil to wet the o-rings with a little saliva or water to lubricate them. They really grab if left dry.