August 14th, 2022


Those of you who’ve been here in Anville since the beginning may recall that our company name, VESTRATTO, was derived from the Italian, Vapore Estratto, meaning vapour extraction. When we were looking for a name to christen our latest development series, designed to work with glass, glass artists and most importantly your existing glass collection, we settled on Di Vetro, meaning “with glass” in Italian. We are looking forward to maximizing the benefits of seamlessly integrating CopperCore technology with the glass world to maximize cooling and flavour. Our first product in the new line is a very simple and clean water pipe adaptor. WPA


Note that the WPA does not allow you to lift the CopperCore oven out of the bong directly to clear it WITHOUT a glass intermediate adaptor. In order to make the WPA as cost effective as possible we are counting on customers having an adapter or easy access to purchase one. This Cheech glass adapter is great quality and really inexpensive. Another advantage of an intermediate adaptor is the added protection to avoid any possibility of damage to your collector piece - if for example an o-ring slipped or something else untoward happened. There is nothing worse than a faulty metal on glass connection that jams and goes awry on a $500 dollar (+) piece. 



For $35 we think the WPA provides solid value by:

  1. shortening the vapour path outside the water piece to avoid unnecessary condensation or flavour compromise. The vapour exits the condenser directly into the glass piece. 
  2. in the Vestratto tradition ( if in 8 months on the market you can have a tradition) the WPA is backwards compatible with all existing USER generation Anvils and components. The version shown works with all USERs edition condensers.
  3. we plan to offer a really fair package price for folks who want to get into Anville because, with them supplying the glass from their existing collection, we can significantly reduce the number and complexity of parts to get them vaping with a CopperCore oven.
  4. for those of you who have extra stems, heat shields etc, adding the CopperCore oven and condenser to our “a la carte pricing” lets you build up the parts you have lying around into functioning Anvils cost effectively. Note - due to continued limitations on supply we will be reserving the right to prioritize shipments to existing Anvil customers. 
  5. We are hoping that this glass compatible form factor will convince more smokers to give vaping a try. We are confident that the ANVIL “Ride the Line” experience will help convert at least some smokers into vapours. 

The WPA is going to sell for $35 US on its own. The kit shown above which includes the WPA, CopperCore Oven, Condenser, and an XL bowl is going to be $179 US. We have put the WPA into production and are targeting to mount it on the store for sale the week of Monday August 22nd. If you want to reserve a WPA simply send an email to with the subject line - Water Pipe Adaptor. We will contact you 24 hours before they go online for general release. We aren’t going to get into the madness of another waitlist and there really shouldn’t be any panic. When you are writing us can you also let us know if you have any interest in a 0.5 gram Anvil? We would need to make a larger CopperCore Oven, but we believe our fused metal tech will handle it nicely. I’m not suggesting every bowl you do would need to be that heavy though. One of the exciting aspects of a larger form factor would be a flatter aspect ratio to get more air across a thinner layer of herb for even faster, more even extraction. I recognize a 0.5g hit may sound extreme, we have had multiple requests. That said, I want to get a gauge of the market’s temperature before we jump into the deep end on this one.