August 21, 2022


Social Media can feel a bit rough sometimes. Whether its a 15 year old kid comparing themselves to an unrealistic and obviously “curated” Instagram page, or ourselves here at Vestratto carving out our place in the butane (ih??) vape world, social media is sometimes just a wee bit more anti-social than the name portends. That’s why when we receive a great letter from a real person it is such a treat!


Hi John,

I’d like to please reserve the upcoming WPA. Also definitely sign me up for a 0.5 gr bowl if (when) you make one! 

I’m a disabled veteran, lost my right leg in a direct rocket hit. Since it arrived the anvil became my daily driver. Thank you for stepping up the portable game! It’s been a true game changer. The Anvil cut down the time I spend vaping dramatically, freeing time for work and being with my family. As if that’s not enough, it’s also incredibly efficient and saves my medicine. 

Keep up the amazing work!


Name Withheld to Protect Privacy


The thing that impacts me the most is that a person who has obviously sacrificed so much for our collective freedom still finds the time to reach out and say thank-you. I have to be honest that the energy boost I got from this letter is from both reinforcing our VESTRATTO core values and inspiring new thoughts and directions for the Anvil ecosystem. Being on the front-line for feedback, good or bad, has led us to react more quickly to continuously improve both the function and the finish of your Vestratto products. Thanks for reaching out.



You never know what’s going to snooker you in the supply chain these days. It turns out that the o-rings we need to ship the dedicated 18mm WPA are still a couple of weeks away. That is why the 18mm will remain “coming soon” on the store until those o-rings arrive.  A 1$ part holding up the entire shipment was causing heartburn in Anville so true to form we just engineered our own 14-18 mm adapter to satisfy the itch in the meantime. The adaptor actually turns out to be an even better solution than I thought it would. Virgin teflon finishes beautifully and we have implemented two internal retention rings for a distinct, positive SNAP when you lock the insulator and adapter onto the o-rings of the 14mm WPA. The final insulating grab ring included with each WPA is black anodized aluminum. For greater comfort a 1/8” square external o-ring ensures your fingers don’t get close to anything hot. We have also received feedback that folks want to choose their bowl size so we will update the store and contact those that have already purchased to see if they want to change their mind.


A special shout-out to all of you who signed up for, and then purchased this weekend with our WPA early notification. As a thank you for your faith in us we are including the 14-18mm teflon adapter in your package free of charge. For those of you who want to purchase the 14-18mm adaptor in the future it will be available on the store for $5. We still anticipate shipping Tuesday or Wednesday after the anodizing is returned.