August 28th, 2022



I’d like to apologize to everyone who received, or who are about to receive, a WPA KIT that is missing the condenser. We ran into a little confusion picking the kits for assembly. It is entirely on us. The WPA requires the user to use a condenser and oven from a previous ANVIL purchase, while the WPA kit was to be shipped assembled and ready to go. When picking/packing some of the kits we got our wires crossed. We screwed up. So for the batch of WPA KITS that was affected last week we went ahead and shipped everyone a replacement “warranty condenser” on Friday. We know that 100% of the condensers were not missed because some of you kindly reached out later to say “I don’t need it”. But we had already shipped the units before the Instagram Post so they are on the way.




Cameron and the gang at Squisha have done a great job assembling some top quality glass from artists from across Canada. We’d obviously love to see more WPAs find good homes and they really do look sleek when mounted in a beautiful piece. Have a gander at these beauties. These shots were taken BEFORE we started anodizing the insulator rings black. We have had some feedback that some folks prefer the silver finish so next batch we will anodize some clear. Clear kits will appear on the store once they are through the production process.

We are working on two more adaptors for the Anvil in addition to the 18mm. They weren’t quite ready for this week’s Sunday Post. Have an eye in the coming few days for even more ways to integrate your CopperCore oven with pieces of kit you already own, or are still itching to buy.

A gentle reminder the free WPA adapter with purchase of the 14MM WPA OR 14MM WPA kit, will be ending at 11:59pm on August 31st.