February 27th, 2022

Hi There- Its John here.
This is just a short update this week because the highest priority and best use of time is getting more Anvils out the door.
Shipping Update
As of the time of writing I am pleased to say that half of the Users Edition upgrades have been shipped. Many of you have tracking information already and many more will be receiving it shortly. Thats a decent milestone for us here at Vestratto. We anticipate prepping and shipping the balance of the Users Edition upgrade units this week. Importantly for many of you, Vestratto will be opening the online store for Anvil General Release shortly thereafter. We will be sending out the first call for orders from the waitlist once the balance of the Anvil Upgrades are out the door.

We appreciate your support as we try to make Anvil your favourite vape. I feel we have laid a pretty solid foundation so far and look forward to enhancing the Anvil ecosystem in the coming months. This week we plan to add some accessories to the store in the form of maintenance kits including screens and o-rings. By next week we anticipate being in a position to accept limited orders on extra herb chambers. For many of you our progress probably still feels pretty 

glacial but I can assure you we are building a solid foundation and our capacity is significantly improved.

Anvil How To


Whiff has kindly provided a basic How To video. I know that we have all benefited from Whiff’s efforts testing and demonstrating the Anvil, both on and off-line and I’d like to take a moment to say thanks. Many of you are here because of Whiff’s efforts and genuine passion for the Anvil. I hope you take a few minutes to walk through the video to see Whiff’s approach.