February 6th, 2022

Hi There- Its John here.

Users Edition CopperCore ovens went into production on Friday. Operation 1 tells the story of how well we’ve done getting the blanks prepared. An inner core, outer sleeve and copper slug are machined to 1,000 ths of an inch tolerance, assembled, and finally fused at over 1100 degrees celsius in high vacuum to create the unified structure that an Anvil oven is carved out of. A lot of work was done in early January to  make and process the oven blanks that we are now machining. This Users Edition Batch represents the fifth time that we have gone through the Patent Pending process that accounts for Anvil’s amazing performance. We are all impatient to get Anvils in your hands but this is an exacting process and rushing doesn’t improve quality. Once we are final dialled in tomorrow or Tuesday latest we will be producing continuously from then on.


Recently I’ve gotten a kick out of a lot of folks in the community experimenting with wrapping some of their legacy ovens with copper wire:) Kudos dudes!! Even our competitors have tried applying what I affectionately refer to as their CopperCondoms. After first calling out our engineering its fantastic to see it being chased by a new wave of innovation. That certainly is a step in the right direction, and I applaud the continuous ingenuity of our community. That said you can see from the results in the photograph how important a properly engineered solution is. Thermal transfer and control are achieved by a careful design of both geometry and metallurgy. 


For me the ultimate compliment hasn’t been that folks have tried to copy the Anvil so quickly. But rather that folks are now telling me they don’t save their ABV anymore! That’s why we at Vestratto renamed “abv” Estratto. Estratto means extracted! Vestratto - vapore estratto - vapour extracted!  As many of you have found out Anvil doesn’t leave much of anything behind to save. Full flavoured - full extraction.

A bit of housekeeping taking place as we move the Anvil Keychain tool into production this week. note: these are NOT the final colours. No one is “giving up a nut” for these.


The Keychain Tool provides four useful functions for the ongoing and future maintenance of your herb chambers. If you recall the Users Edition screens Vestratto is shipping from now on have an added central slot for removal. The grey tip slides through the slot in the screen, turns 90 degrees and pulls the screens straight back out of your herb bowls. The gentle rounded tip of the green screw on cap is for both re-inserting the screens after cleaning and gently tamping herb into your bowls. The hex key feature matches the new hex base of the Users Edition herb chambers providing that needed nudge for hot swapping if your parts have “graunched” together. Pro Tip - when you screw your herb chambers into the oven set them snug, then back off 1/16th of a turn, to prevent thermal expansion mismatch locking.


The hex feature on the bottom of the herb chambers accommodate BOTH a 1/8” allan key and a 3.0 mm allan key.

We’ve had several requests from existing customers to provide information to “3rd party makers” so they can start to add their creativity to the Anvil story. I made this drawing today so if anyone is interested they have a set of Vestratto approved dimensions. As always, if you are purchasing something that claims to be Anvil compatible, do your due diligence. There are relatively few Anvils in the wild right now and early versions always have a learning curve.


Looking forward to a great week ahead.