July 24th, 2022


A couple of photos of the work from some talented makers that I think you should be supporting. You can find the leather goods from Duba (labetkomp) and the wood stems from azzwoodcustoms. Both are on Instagram. No bud-tenders were harmed in the taking of these photographs. NO ONE AT VESTRATTO IS COMPENSATED BY THESE FOLKS. The torch is the NuFlame UF-4976 Pocket Torch. Awesome torch!




Folks have been wanting to use a little more power to heat their ANVIL’s so with Whiff’s help we’ve calibrated a few common estratto routines. Its important to note that while there is a wide range of performance in torches. The only time you get into any real torch/ANVIL trouble is with torches that are under-powered or poorly made units that can’t handle heating for an extended time period. With torches we can’t assume expensive is better. We’ve all had those inferior units where the tips melt out of the cheap plastic housing. That is why I have gravitated to the NuFlame ( a gift from Larry - thank you) because it is industrial strength and intended for the type of shop work that demands longer heating cycles - perfect for the ANVIL. It is a lot smarter to own a torch running at the lowest settings than one running flat out. These protocols are more aggressive than I originally proposed but with our slotted terp chambers isolating the herb more 

effectively we can give her a bit more oomph.  Still it is best to start lower and slower then build up than blast away and combust.

I hope the information presented here is helpful in getting the most out of your herb with your ANVIL. Thanks again to Whiff for doing some solid testing.