March 5th, 2023


At the end of November Vestratto moved into our new premises and began the job of vertically integrating our manufacturing. Last year, because of the explosive demand for the Anvil we worked extensively with our Factory partner to produce the “Lion’s share” of our components in a facility that was shared with other companies, each manufacturing their own unique products. It is also a hard reality that Vestratto wasn’t always the other Partner’s priority causing delays and delivery headaches. To be honest things generally worked out but we definitely had our challenges. I knew that the only way to produce the insanely high quality and 100 percent on-time delivery that we want to achieve with the Anvil is to manufacture with dedicated staff on dedicated machinery and tooling. This focus on Anvil and Anvil alone will allow the Vestratto team to become even more familiar with the subtle nuances of crafting

each part and executing every process just like it was a bespoke item. Over the last three months we have been increasingly happy with our delivered quality and can both see the results with our eyes but also feel them in the positive customer feedback from recent sales. At this point we have three new machines up and running in our own shop with a 4th Swiss Style machine planned for addition in July. Today, March 5th, marked a bit of a milestone because at 1:05pm Eastern all three of these machines ran simultaneously for the first time. Super excited to get even more components in-house over the coming months. As of the time of this writing we are producing 40 percent of our own components and plan to be well over half by 4-20.


Andrew, the driver of this psychotically cool sidecar, takes care of any mechanical problems with our CNC machines here at Vestratto. Since early December he has been an instrumental member of the team getting the new machines settled, tooled, programmed and now running in full production. We knew Andrew is a mechanical genius and in getting to know him over the past year we became aware that his favourite chill out activity, besides hitting his BLUE SHIFT Anvil, is rocketing at 140 miles per hour around the hairpin turns at Mosport Speedway. When your naughty bits are six inches off the ground at 140 mph it has to be exhilarating. The offer is out there but I’m not certain I’m gonna take a ride in that side-car:) Vestratto has provided a small sponsorship to Andrew’s crew this year so they can defray some expenses and get to more races. We are going to be doing some small fundraisers by selling some cool racing branded Anvil kit throughout the year to help these guys get across the finish line first. We are definitely looking forward to bringing you more news on VESTRATTO RACING as the season gets underway.



I had a pleasant surprise last week when the hardcopy of our granted patent US11,399,574 arrived in the mail. It is a beautiful bound document and will look fantastic hanging in a frame in the meeting room of our new shop. We are super excited to continue innovating to make vaping herb even more effective and enjoyable.

We are thrilled that the US Patent Office has recognized the innovative nature of our technology and rest assured we are working hard on additional expansions to the Vestratto family of products to improve your vaping experience.