March 6th, 2022

Hi Guys - Its John here. 

If ever there was a time that the World needs to take two Anvils and chill until the morning it’s now. Whatever your personal politics I think we can all agree that a World that allows people to be who and what they want to be is a World we all want to live in.


Shipping Update


I’m tickled to inform you that the balance of the Users Edition upgrades have been finished this weekend and will be on the truck tomorrow. The emails you’ve received indicate that sales orders have been cut and everything is getting boxed and taped up. 


I’ve had some really positive feedback from those folks that have got their Users Edition already. Thanks for the kind words. My ambition is to continue trying to improve as we go forward and your feedback is what makes that possible. For those of you that have taken the time to write, thanks. 


Tubes for your Founders Edition


When I announced that we were going to fully replace the Founders Edition with the new Users edition what I said was you will get

  1. a replacement upgraded Anvil and,
  2. a replacement upgraded Tube.

This is the inventory that we built and have shipped, and are shipping.


For individuals that had some other warranty work done before I announced the wholesale upgrade program I did send out some tubes. This was stopped once we set about the full upgrade. 


I realize that many of you would now like an additional tube in the original design so that your Founders Edition, which is still a kick-ass vape, can have a home as well. I hope its so that you will be able to store and cherish it, and not blow it out on e-Bay, but I honestly have no control over that.


I have placed an order for tubes, drilled to the proper length, that fit the original caps and they will be available on the store later in the week for $15 plus shipping if anyone wants one. I suggest that if you do want one you wait and combine the order with a future accessory purchase to make it worth your while. 


Store Opening


We plan to re-open the Vestratto Store later in the week. Fair warning. We will be informing those on the Wait List first, as previously described. Our ability to produce Anvils has really picked up recently. There is still no way that we will be able to fulfill everyone on the wait list in this week’s drop. Don’t panic. The quality level and configuration is stabilized and that means we can continue to ramp up our volume with confidence. 


We will continue our policy of only accepting orders against verified inventory volume. I know it drives some of you crazy that I won’t take your orders in advance but it honestly does neither of us any good. You should hold onto your cash until we can deliver. Once we sell out we intend to close the store, fulfill those orders and then re-open again the week after. Once you have placed an order with the store the order will be held for three days pending confirmation of payment. This is out of our hands as the payment processor sends us the green-light when we can ship. I am hopeful that as we build up a track record we can reduce this time. Vestratto accepts all major Credit Cards. We do NOT accept PayPal at this time. We have also experienced significant trouble in the past processing some Bank Cards, Wire Transfers, Email Transfers and other non-standard payment methods.


Bold Faced Promotional Content


I told you that Anvil was the vape that I wanted to build. Judging by how many of its features are getting copied it is the vape that others want to build as well :) In future editions of the Sunday Post I intend to lay out the Vestratto design philosophy and features in more detail for you so that you can make a better connection between the performance you’re experiencing and the physics behind the Anvil. Perhaps more importantly, now that the manufacturing of the Users Edition is stabilized and ramping I plan to finish developing some of the additional accessories and configurations that you have requested. We intend to expand the Anvil ecosystem pretty dramatically in the next few months so stay tuned.