May 1st, 2022

Hi Guys - it’s John here. 



20 Anvils have been allocated for General Release and they are available for sale on right now. These Anvils are available on a first come first served basis. We intend to continue releasing WaitList name drops throughout the balance of May. Waitlist name drops are also getting substantially larger as we want to be through the list in the next two weeks. If you are still on the waitlist you will be guaranteed a chance to purchase without having to scramble so please don’t panic.


As our manufacturing volume continues to ramp up we will incrementally add a higher percentage of units to General Release and into the Dealer Channel. We have been operating exclusively from the WaitList for the past 4 months and feel it is time for both you guys and ourselves to start broadening the access to Anville.



For the first time ever Vestratto has 100 percent of the machined parts for the upcoming month in-house on the 1st of the month. Vestratto’s transition to manufacturing at the FACTORY has been fantastic. My “partner in crime” over there said that by the third time through it would begin to be smoother sailing. I do believe we are now on that smoother water where a significant part of the learning is behind us and we can focus on further improvements in our processes and hiking up our yields. Vestratto and our manufacturing partners have made solid investments in the Anvil and I hope you agree it is paying off. I’ll be honest that by ourselves we were definitely a little over-stretched doing everything in-house with the Founders edition. Recognizing that we needed help and sorting it out has been super important. The positive reception for the Anvil and the unprecedented demand would have been impossible to tackle alone.



I love to talk to everyone directly but if you have an issue that needs attention please send an email to Instagram, Reddit, FC, Discord etc. are all great places (sometimes?) to have a dialog but if you have an issue and it isn’t formally logged with Admin there is a very good chance it will not get sorted out. Also please realize that we get over one hundred emails a day so it may take a bit of time to get back and we try to circle quickly. Further, our back office and manufacturing staff are basically normal people and don’t answer emails or their phone on Saturday night at 11. Just because I’m available to work crazy hours doesn’t mean the smart folks who do the heavy lifting here do as well :)


Finally a personal request from me. Please keep your correspondence with Admin factual and civil. The folks here are working really hard to provide excellent service and while there are definitely times that the ball gets dropped, we have many more positive than negative reviews. If you do need a response quickly and don’t hear from the team right away, please send a follow up!