May 29th, 2022

Please take a moment this Memorial Day Weekend to remember those men and women who’ve sacrificed everything so that we can live a free life.

Wait List Update

The waitlist is now finished. From now on Vestratto is operating a General Release Strategy on a first come first served basis. I want to thank all of you for putting up with us over the last five months as we got everyone who wanted an Anvil their unit in the order they signed up. Now that we have decent manufacturing volumes coming through on a regular basis just drop in at the store at and see whats in stock. 


Totally Tubular

We were pretty excited a few weeks ago to introduce the XL mouthpiece. Honest to goodness though we brain-farted on it fitting into the existing case. Well we’ve come up with a solution that I’m pretty pleased with. I didn’t want to make the utility tube longer so the new cap eliminates the storage space for the second bowl. This evolution of the utility tube focuses on the “tube” functions. During the month of June we will be introducing a stash that accommodates the bowls, herb, de-bowling functions etc. For anyone who bought an XL mouthpiece we are going to include a new Tube Cap free of charge with your next order over $50. If you want to just buy it outright it will be $20 as a standalone item. Please let us know who you are when you order so we can get you the correct discount code? These caps are going to be available for delivery as soon as our new magnets arrive. The magnets are due June the 9th but WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER DELIVERY so if they are delayed we will let you know. Supply chain management is nuts these days.

The cap is machined from 416 Stainless steel. This material was chosen because it is ferro-magnetic. We added two magnets to the design. The magnets are self-centring from Polymagnet.

The two magnets both pull against the thin 416 separator and each other providing outstanding performance. You can actually shake the Anvil with XL mouthpiece and it will stay locked in place. The self centring makes for easy hot swap and the extra weight of the stainless provides a more stable base for cool-down. All in all this is a solid improvement in the function of the utility tube. The new cap can of course also be used with the Users Anvil as well.