May 8th, 2022

Hi Guys -  Happy Mother’s Day




We’ve had a couple of very busy weeks here at Vestratto. Order volume, starting with our first 420 drop, combined with an aggressive effort to get several Wait List drops completed,  has increased over 100% from our previous weekly average. The team here put in a lot of effort over the past two weeks, with today being the first day off in that time period. I have to admit, that applies to me as well. Call me a slacker but I put Family First today. We just got back from a fantastic Mother’s Day dinner and the food coma is kicking in big-time. I hope all of you have had a great day as well. Its Cherry Blossom time here in Toronto and the trees are at peak bloom this weekend, and judging by the weather, for the next few days. Spring has finally kicked in after a long winter and it’s none too soon.




We are finally going to be closing the Anvil Wait List to new names this week and clearing the final Wait List drops during May. Based on our current throughput there are three drops remaining. Our next WaitList drop will be on Tuesday and our second General Release will happen on Wednesday. We will post the General Release drop on the store at at noon Eastern Time.




We are actively working on several enhancements to the Anvil ecosystem that have been requested by current customers. We can’t do everything that has been suggested so we’ve picked three ideas that we believe have a broader applicability. The first of these will be releasing towards the end of this month, May.


Projects that we are doing are being developed with the idea of being both backwards and forwards compatible so please don’t feel any concerns about being “orphaned”. We did obsolete the Founders edition because we replaced them all for free with the Users, precisely so we could build an expandable system. Please DO NOT buy a second hand Founders Edition if you want to participate in the Anville ecosystem. While the FOUNDERS is still a great vape the manufacturing and tooling have been dismantled and are no longer supported.


We are also currently restocking the popular XL line of herb chambers and mouthpieces. I anticipate that by early June we will also have an updated HELIX. It has been a balancing act to get sufficient airflow but we have some tricks up our sleeve.  It has been suggested that we sort out a concentrate pad to go with the HELIX’ enhanced conduction profile and I think thats a great idea.  Those two will release together once trials have been completed.