October 2nd, 2022



I’ve mentioned here several times that we periodically get heart warming letters from folks who have served in the Armed Forces and who have discovered the ANVIL has helped them in their day-to-day routine. The first time this happened I literally teared up as a result of 

both the heartfelt sentiments expressed, and candidly, by the level of sacrifice that some folks have made on our collective behalf. This year Veteran’s Day falls on Friday November the 11th. In different parts of the world the November 11th commemoration may also be referred to as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day here in the Commonwealth. For those who may not know the significance of the date, November 11th marks the final day of the First World War.


To express our appreciation for your service VESTRATTO is initiating a time limited, test version of a Veteran’s Discount Program. This test Veteran’s Discount Program will run between today 02,10,2022  and 11,11,2022 at 23:59 EST. I am time limiting this initial effort because I want us here at VESTRATTO to be able to learn how to properly administer a discount program based on either current or former military service. Honestly we are going to have to rely on you to educate us. Please provide ADMIN satisfactory evidence of your service in the form of an official document so that we can build a strong program together. I am confident that those of you who want to take advantage of the VETERAN’s DISCOUNT program will help educate us as to what documentation exists that we can rely on.  

At the end of this TEST VETERAN’s DISCOUNT program we will do an analysis and refinement of the program so that we can extend the program to many more front-line individuals including First Responders, Fire, Police and Health Care Professionals.


The rules for this initial TEST VETERAN’s DISCOUNT program are: 

  1. Before placing an order please email info@VESTRATTO.com with your name and proof of service status. Upon verification of your documentation a discount code will be issued to you by the ADMIN staff along with any necessary instructions to implement the discount code. 
  2. For the duration of this Test Veteran’s Discount program, between now and November 11th, only one Veteran’s Discount order may be placed per individual. 
  3. The Veteran’s Discount is 15 percent off any regularly priced products purchased from the VESTRATTO store. The Veteran’s discount cannot be stacked with other offers made available on the VESTRATTO store at the time the order is placed. 
  4. Orders placed using the Veteran’s discount may also qualify for Free Shipping provided that the size of the order, AFTER THE VETERAN’s DISCOUNT HAS BEEN APPLIED, meets the criteria of the Free Shipping program.
  5. VESTRATTO staff will depend on you, the VETERAN, to provide satisfactory documentation validating your current or formal Military Service status. VESTRATTO does not have additional administrative bandwidth to verify unsatisfactory or incomplete documents and will simply inform you that we still have questions.
  6. VESTRATTO at its sole discretion retains the right to refuse any order based on any reason.


Lets work together to make this TEST VETERAN’s DISCOUNT program a success.




The initial drop of the 8mm Universal Stem Adapter (USA) sold out in less than 90 minutes. We are excited to see the excitement to marry the patented VESTRATTO CopperCore oven with so many cool custom stems from so many MAKERs. We have been running our machines non-stop to get the first shipment ready. We have to introduce one final step before releasing the product to you. We have decided to send the parts for electro-polishing tomorrow to smooth out the tiny sharp edges on the thermal isolation and air control slots. It turns out we couldn’t deburr these features with the tools in our shop and so we stopped. I am sorry that we will not ship the first batch until Tuesday. We will be re-stocking the USA - with the deburring done of course - later in the week. I look forward to you guys receiving your USA so we can see what amazing new combinations you can create.